What Shoes Should I Wear with My Lingerie?

For a lot of men, it’s all about the shoes. Those with a shoe fetish will fixate on the type of shoes you wear with your lingerie. Others may love the way a pair of high heels work to elongate your legs.

Read on to find out what types of shoes you should be wearing with your sexy lingerie.

It’s All About the Heels

Those who are into comfort may be dismayed to learn that, it you’re wearing sexy lingerie, a pair of high heels will be preferred over any type of flats….and stiletto heels are preferred over any type of block heel or wedge. Fortunately, you probably won’t have to stand in them for a long amount of time!

Types of Heels

Pumps or Sandals: The most basic types of high heels are pumps or sandals. These will go well with any type of lingerie ranging from a simple lingerie teddy to more intricate kinky lingerie. Women should find a high heel that matches their lingerie to complete their seductive look.

Sandals will be especially enticing for those who have a foot fetish as more of the skin will be exposed.

Boots: Boots give a heavier look that is better suited to fetish lingerie. They can come up to the ankle or knee, but many find the thigh highs to be irresistible. They can make the perfect complement to thigh high stockings that come just above the top of the boot.

Fetish Heels: Fetishes are often about pleasure and pain. With that in mind, a type of fetish heel has been created that puts feet on almost a painful angle. These are called ballet heels because of their ability to set the foot so that one must walk on their toes or close to that proximity.

For those that have worn these heels before, we have no idea how you do it!

Of course, fetish heels don’t have to be this insane. Other looks include lace up boots, sandals and pumps with heavy platforms and lacy patterns. They are often black in keeping with the most common fetish color scheme.

Can You Wear Lingerie with Flats?

And don’t forget to treat yourself with a piece of Erotic Lingerie or Elegant Lingerie coupled with a body harness fashion lingerie or body chain fashion lingerie!

If you are one that really appreciates comfort, you can wear your lingerie with flats, but it is not likely to give off the same sexy look. You may be better off going barefoot!

However, if you love lingerie as outerwear looks, a flat can be the perfect complement for the outfit saving it from looking too outrageously sexy.

So, the next time you buy sexy lingerie, you might want to think about buying some sexy shoes to go with it. Which types of shoes do you prefer to wear with your nighttime looks?

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